Current Requirements :
As the manufacture of RAL structures involves the use of mostly plantation grown timber and other renewable or recyclable components , the energy used for production is comparitively low to other dwellings of similar dimensions.
Most new homes will require a "House Energy Rating - Building Thermal Assessment" prior to the issue of a building permit.
FirstRate5 is recognized Australia wide. (Please check with your local Building Authority)
RAL Homes can be designed to
achieve "6 Star ratings"
The RAL Building System has achieved in excess of R4.0 for the shell structure (walls & ceiling as one). Up to R3.25 for a timber sub-floor as assessed by Bradford Insulation.

6 Star House Energy Rating Building Thermal Assessment
Examples of Energy Efficient Housing for more information
My name is Brett Loeliger and I'm accredited with a Certificate IV in NatHERS assessment using "FirstRate 5" software. As a house energy rater - building thermal assessor in Victoria , I am highly proficient with energy efficient design concepts for all housing. Additionally , participation in an ongoing quality assurance program ensures high standards.
All clients can be provided with "6 star House Energy Rating" certificates as well as feedback and cost-effective advice prior to building approval. Building Thermal Assessment reports can also be compiled at the planning stage which would be helpful to achieve an energy efficient design.
The energy needed to heat the home in winter and cool it in summer can be most economical when the combination of design features such as Insulation , Window area , Draught proofing , Thermal mass and Site Orientation are at optimum
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Last Updated 30-May-17
Energy Efficient Home
Feel free to contact Brett Loeliger direct on
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for all your House Energy Rating - Building Thermal Assessment and Website Design requirements.
Energy Efficient Home
Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions of the Building Code of Australia - Essentially this method of assessment is used for for alterations or extensions of an existing residence using a BCA Section 3.12 compliance report that assesses the extensions or alterations.

This compliance report covers the following:
Section 3.12.1 & 3.12.2                         Roof insulation
Section                                    Roof lights
Section                                    Wall insulation
Section                                    Floors

Section 3.12.2                                       External glazing plus a glazing calculator spreadsheet
Section 3.12.3                                       Building sealing
Section 3.12.4                                       Air movement
Section 3.12.5                                       Services
Residential Additions and Renovations - Methods
It was proposed a few years ago , that Australia wide mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency of a dwelling be assessed when a residence is for sale or leased as more energy smart homes will most likely command higher prices and rental returns on the property market. (At this stage this is a requirement in the ACT only)
So why not take the step now and get a "Star Rating" with a house energy rating assessment for for your existing residence.
So , please click on Rating Submit on the menu ; submit house details and I will email back to you a quote for the Energy Assessment service you require.

Overall the Building Industry has an environmental impact on our resources of energy , raw material , timber harvest , water use and land fill. Because of commitments to a sustainable building policy and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , recent changes to Building regulations in most states of Australia have occured. Therefore , House Energy Ratings - Building Thermal Assessments can be beneficial to minimize part of the energy required for human habitats and to create sustainable energy efficient home design.
Residential Disclosure of Energy Efficiency
As 6 stars may not be achievable (especially with older houses) , requirements of  BCA Practice note 2014-55 stipulate "before" and "after" assessments according to a prorata formula (less than 6 stars) based on relative floor areas/volumes to the existing dwelling. Building surveyor discretion in regard to "reasonable costs" to upgrade can apply also in some circumstances. (Please contact me for more clarification if needed)